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Welcome to Parkjun Beauty Lab’s Cheongdam branch, located in Gangnam, Seoul. We are proud to offer the original 15-step scalp treatment, a hallmark of our premium salon services.

Our team of designers, each with over 15 years of experience, brings high technology and exceptional service to every client. Our staff is proficient in English, ensuring clear communication and a comfortable experience for all.

We prioritize honest consultations and do not recommend excessive procedures. Our commitment is to customer satisfaction and delivering genuine results.

  • Top Ranked: Our salon is ranked #1 in Google and Naver reviews, distinguishing us from other branches.
  • Quality Assurance: We use only genuine machines and products.

Visit us for an unparalleled beauty experience at Parkjun Beauty Lab Cheongdam.


15 Step Scalp Treatment Course (1h) – $200

Step-by-step of this treatment course
step 1Microscope consultation and diagnosis
step 2Head massage
step 3Cleang and exfliating
step 4Simple stretching massage after selecting aroma oil
step 5Neck massage and hot towel
step 6A sitting shampoo
step 7LTV (Light Therapy Vibrator) OR JENIMORY CLEANSING – Y
step 8Relaxing shampoo
step 9“YUME BAS” Spa Room
step 10Scalp treatment
step 11MMS (Mirco Massage System) or JENIMORY TONIC – T
step 12Rinse hair after light acupressure
step 13Re-diagnosis of scalp with a microscpe
step 14Tonic
step 15Cold wind

Line 7 – Exit 7 from Cheongdam Station on Line


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Where to find us

651 Samseong-ro, Gangnam District, Seoul - 3rd Floor

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