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N-Olive Aesthetics Dongdaemun

Aesthetic & Skin Care
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Aesthetic & Skin Care

Situated in the busy streets of Dongdaemun, N-Olive Aesthetic is a beauty and skincare excellence. Renowned for their bespoke aesthetic solutions, they offer a sanctuary where your skin’s needs are met with precision and care. They’re advanced treatments, delivered by expert aestheticians, are designed to bring out the best in your skin.


1:1 Customized RX Program – $120
Dive deep into personalized skincare with our Customized RX Program. Tailored specifically to your skin’s unique needs, this service employs cutting-edge techniques and products to address your specific skin concerns, ensuring visible and lasting results.

1:1 Customized Acne Program – $120
Battle acne with a strategic, personalized approach with our Customized Acne Program. This comprehensive treatment plan includes thorough assessment and use of advanced acne-fighting treatments and soothing protocols designed to clear your skin while maintaining its health and resilience.

VVS Zero Defect Management – $200
Achieve flawless skin with our VVS Zero Defect Management. This premium service targets all aspects of skin imperfections, from texture and tone to blemishes and scars, providing intensive care that enhances your skin’s natural beauty and achieves a luminous, flawless complexion.

STRONG Troi Peel – $280
Experience the ultimate rejuvenation with our STRONG Troi Peel treatment. This top-tier aesthetic procedure revitalizes your skin by stimulating collagen production, tightening, and lifting, resulting in a youthful, vibrant appearance that radiates from within.


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14th floor, Sky Park Hotel Kingstown Branch, 20 Jangchungdan-ro 13-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

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