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K-Idol MakeUp Private Salon
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$ 70.00 4 booked


Experience the unique makeup of I LICHE K-Idol makeup salon. They pay attention to subtle differences and details.

Near Deoksugung Palace, Myeongdong, Namdaemun, Seoul Station, and City Hall Station
This is the perfect location to get makeup done before sightseeing around the area.

The director, who has 10 years of makeup experience and previously worked on the BTS makeup team, provides customized makeup 1:1 in a private space.
A cultural experience that cannot be missed when traveling to Korea, get makeup for the most special day of all.
A program is available where you can experience idol makeup or K-beauty in Korea, the country of beauty.


Korean Natural Makeup (50min) $150
Achieve a flawless, natural look with our 50-minute session, including artificial eyelashes. Please consult us beforehand if you have eyelash extensions.

Special Hanbok (60min) $170
Complement your Hanbok with elegant makeup that highlights classic Korean beauty. Includes artificial eyelashes; consultation needed for those with extensions.

KPop Idol Care Makeup (60min) $190
Stand out with our KPop Idol makeup, featuring artificial eyelashes and glitter for a dazzling look. Feel free to bring your own glitter.

Eye Lash Perm (60min) $70
Give your lashes a lasting curl with our Eye Lash Perm service, enhancing your eyes naturally for effortless beauty.

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Pre-Visit Makeup Guide

~ Essential tips for perfect hair and makeup before visiting the salon!

One Week Before Visit:

  • Light exfoliation and moisturizing care.
  • If your skin is dry, using a mask pack is okay.
  • Eyebrow grooming will be beautifully done in-store, so no need to do it beforehand.
  • If you regularly get eyelash perms, get a fresh perm one week before (this is when it looks best; makeup application can be difficult if the perm is partially worn off).
  • If you have eyelash extensions, ensure they are freshly done or removed if partially remaining.
  • Avoid using dark-colored tint lip products (can limit lip makeup color choices due to staining).

The Day Before:

  • Avoid using mask packs (can cause base makeup to not adhere well).
  • If you have any blemishes, do not touch them; use an acne patch instead.
  • Thoroughly cleanse your makeup from the previous day, especially eye makeup.
  • Bring photos of desired looks or styles that you think will suit your face!

On the Day of Visit:

  • If you’ve added hair services, shampoo in the morning and lightly rinse only the ends of your hair (treatment is possible for severely dry or bleached hair).
  • After washing your face, apply skin care lightly with just toner and lotion; avoid creams and sunscreen (for very dry skin, applying cream is fine).


  • Take blue line (Line 4)
  • Get off at Hoehyeon station 
  • Get out at exit 4
  • Turn left on the road between EDIYA COFFEE and ARIRANG POCHA
  • Go straight, until you see the building of the picture
  • (On your way, you will come across the LOCAL STITCH sign)
  • You have arrived at I LICHE

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What you can expect


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Where to find us

2nd floor, 15 Toegye-ro 2-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

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