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Covered BB
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$ 220.00 5 (1) | 4 booked


Pitangui Leen beauty center is equipped with high-end aesthetic facilities.
It has a professional beauty academy system at the same time.

From skin and aesthetic programs to the latest trend of semi-permanent makeup
Total beauty services for all areas of beauty are available in one place. 


Bamboo Contour Therapy (70mins) – $220
Cleansing, Deep cleansing, Aromatherapy balm handling massage, Bamboo therapy, Mask

Bamboo therapy is a tool massage using bamboo of various thicknesses and lengths.

Bamboo therapy has been practiced in many countries, including China, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Egypt, for over 3,000 years.

In particular, it is said to be the most active in the Philippines. The reason is the high temperature of the natural environment. Bamboo therapy was popular because it had a cold nature.

Effects: Bamboo therapy can be divided into four main effects: detox, muscle relaxation, skin trouble improvement, and relaxation.

Covered BB – $280
Cleansing, Deep cleansing, BB glow, Absorption, Omega LED light, Mask

  • Immediate tone-up effect for all skin types
  • Creates a moist and radiant complexion
  • Reduces melanin content to improve pigmentation
  • Inhibits excessive melanin activity
  • Removes allergic reaction components
  • Activates wrinkles and cell regeneration
  • Relieves scars and dark circles

Step by Step Details About this Service

1. Relaxing Scent

2. Cleansing

3. Exfoliation

4. BB Cover

5. LED Light

6. Facial Mask

7. Final

LDM Triple (60 mins) – $220

Cleansing, Deep cleansing, LDM triple, LED, Mask

LDM Triple is a fourth-generation LDM lineup that uses a triple frequency including 19 MHz. It is an ultrasonic device that can supply energy to the skin layer more intensively by devising a technology that penetrates the skin by crossing at intervals of 1/1,000 seconds.

  • Effects:
    • It is very effective for skin regeneration and reduction of redness, which often occurs in skin with troubles.
    • Since it delivers energy to the three layers of the skin simultaneously with three frequencies, it can see a continuous increase in collagen and a more effective lifting effect.
    • In addition, the ultrasonic waves are irradiated while crossing, drawing the moisture in the skin to the dermis, so the skin feels moisturized and clear due to the moisturizing effect.
  • Recommended for:
    • People who want to manage elasticity with low stimulation and no pain
    • People who want skincare with regeneration and moisturizing effects
    • People whose skin is dry and does not apply makeup well
    • People who want to improve redness and acne
    • People with sensitive skin who cannot receive laser treatment
    • People who want to manage after treatment
  • Effect and recommended interval:
    • Regular care is required at intervals of 15 to 7 days, and the effect increases as the number of treatments increases.


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    • 8 months ago

    after the covered bb my face was soo bright and my skin looks healthier! The staff is also so kinda and speak english! I want to come back next time I travel to Korea!

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