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Facial Care
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In our daily lives, simple habits that subtly impact our bodies often lead to new outcomes. Tiny Beauty prioritizes offering optimal services in even the smallest aspects, focusing on enhancing the quality of life. The name signifies a space for the first step towards healthy beauty. Inspired by the fact that the scalp is also skin, and skin aging begins with the scalp, Tiny Beauty goes beyond addressing scalp issues through precise diagnostics. With personalized care and advanced techniques for scalp membrane and lifting, it provides an anti-aging experience for the skin. Managing both scalp and skin simultaneously, it fulfills the desire for youth and beauty, offering a Head Spa brand that relaxes and gifts healing time for both body and mind in our weary daily routines.


Cream Peeling Facial – Advanced Skin Regeneration – 60 Minutes – $120
Revitalize your skin with our Cream Peeling Facial, featuring Whitening Care, Elasticity Management, and a luxurious Gold Pack. This 60-minute session ensures rapid skin regeneration without the discomfort of traditional exfoliation. Book now for a radiant, smooth complexion!


  • Take Gold Line (9) or Red Line (sinbundang)
  • Get off at Sinnonhyeon station
  • Get out at exit 6
  • Go straight, past Starbucks
  • Turn left at the first corner (at “Muse Clinic”)
  • Continue on this road, you will see the “Bon Bouquet” and the “Eonyeji” shop
  • You arrivend at Tiny Beauty (It’s the Black building, and they also have a coffee shop)

(there is a BIG yellow arrow written “tiny” in front. And also a restaurant called “Black Steak”)

Live map + address at the end of this page


What you can expect


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Where to find us

2nd and 3rd floors, 19 Gangnam-daero 106-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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