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1:1 private makeup salon
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1:1 private makeup salon

Discover your ultimate beauty destination at ROA.MAKEUP, your private makeup oasis located in the vibrant heart of Hongdae. Specializing in a personalized beauty experience, we offer exclusive one-on-one sessions for makeup, hairstyling, and educational classes tailored to meet your individual needs.


Make Up:

ROA – Men Makeup – $55.00

Discover the impact of subtle enhancements with our men’s makeup service, designed for a polished, natural look.

ROA – Women Makeup – $110.00

Indulge in our expert makeup service for women, tailored to create stunning, personalized looks for any occasion.

Hair & Makeup:

ROA – Men Hair & Makeup – $88.00

Elevate your style with our specialized hair and makeup services designed specifically for men, blending sophistication and character.

ROA – Women Hair & Makeup – $145.00

Transform your look with our comprehensive hair and makeup services for women, crafted to highlight your natural beauty.


ROA – Eyelash Perm – $50.00

Achieve effortlessly stunning lashes with our eyelash perm service, offering a natural-looking curl that lasts.

ROA – Brow Consulting – $50.00

Define your look with our brow consulting service, providing expert advice and styling for perfect brows.


ROA – Makeup Lessons – $165.00

Unlock the secrets of professional makeup with our personalized lessons, empowering you to achieve flawless looks at home.

ROA – Wedding Hair & Makeup – $400.00

Make your special day unforgettable with our bespoke wedding hair and makeup package, ensuring you look and feel your most beautiful.


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#102, 4-30, Wausan-ro 29-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

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