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Hair Loss Genetic Tests
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Hair Loss Genetic Tests

A Path to Healthy Hair and Scalp

In an era where hair loss affects millions, the journey to managing hair and scalp health begins. The scalp, akin to skin, demands proper care and anti-aging treatments. Mo&Young is here to offer just that, empowering you to achieve the lush, enviable hair everyone desires. With over a decade of expertise, Mo&Young stands as a beacon for those navigating hair loss, providing professional, results-oriented solutions through our specialized anti-aging program. Our approach is founded on four pillars: expert-led services, evidence-based practices, root cause analysis, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and effectiveness.


Mo&Young Basic Management (40 min) – $39

  • A foundational treatment for overall scalp health and vitality.

Dandruff Scalp Care (60 min) – $90

  • Targeted care to combat dandruff and restore scalp balance.

Hair Loss Genetic Test (3 types) PCR – $499

  • Advanced genetic testing to pinpoint the causes of hair loss and personalize your treatment plan.

Choose Mo&Young for a smart, effective approach to combating hair loss. Trust in our expert team, clinical experience, principled care, and customer-focused service to guide you to a future of healthy, abundant hair. Mo&Young, your Partner in Hair and Scalp Wellness!


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